Probate Court Delays: Updates

Earlier this year, concerns that Probate Court fees were going to rise in April led to a sharp increase in applications. Unfortunately, however, HMCTS experienced a software glitch at around the same time which led to a build up of probate applications, with Grants of Probate typically taking around 10-12 weeks to be processed. At… Read more

Mark Hipkin: My Bike Reviews Of 2019

In 2019 I have ridden eight bikes, one scooter, and visited nine cafés. I even got my old classic bike out and got it working! The weather at the start and now at the end of the year played its part, of course, being unremittingly hideous. I can actually remember a time in the middle… Read more

Bubba, Crackle, and Pop: Bike Review by Mark Hipkin

What a day to choose to ride this bike; 31st October 2019. The Boris Brexit day and/or Halloween! What possibly could be my theme? Thinking about it on the ride, it had to be ‘Best of British’. This bike is the bigger brother of the Triumph Street Twin at 1200cc instead of the smaller 900cc… Read more

Divorce Delays: Reasons, Implications, And Consequences

A common question about divorce is how long the process takes from start to finish. It used to be that the most straightforward divorces (i.e. those without any complex financial or child-related issues to settle) took around 24 to 32 weeks (four to six months) to complete, the Ministry of Justice has revealed that the… Read more

Tenant Fees Act 2019 Explained

On the 1st of June the Private Renting Sector underwent a big change in the form of the Tenant Fees Act. But what does it mean and how does it affect both tenants and landlords? In essence, the Tenant Fees Act will have a considerable effect on a landlord’s (or letting agent’s/property manager’s) ability to… Read more

48 States, 48 Days: Gordon Wilson’s Cross-Country Ride Through The USA

Gordon Wilson, retired lecturer and avid motorcyclist, had an idea: to jump on a motorbike and ride through America’s lower 48 states in 48 days, all to raise money for The Great North Air Ambulance Service. As Gordon’s official New Jersey sponsor, Alderson Law is proud to be amongst the many organisations supporting his adventure…. Read more

Probate Delays Explained

Current delays for receiving Grants at the Probate Registry have caused much concern amongst applicants. According to the Probate Registry, they are dealing with applications as quickly as possible in strict datal order, according to receipt, and are advising executors not to accept offers on properties as they will not process urgent applications any quicker…. Read more