Photo by Melinda Gimpel on Unsplash

The Law Society of England & Wales has produced interesting new research revealing that large amounts of people have been making or updating their wills during the pandemic.   

Statistics differ, but it is generally thought that approximately 60% of people, or possibly more, in the UK do not have a will. However, 7% of respondents in the Law Society’s survey said that they had made or updated their will during the first UK-wide Covid-19 lockdown. This represents a significant shift in behaviour. As David Greene, the Law Society president, points out, “[…]the Coronavirus Pandemic has made people reflect on how vital it is to make sure their loved ones are taken care of if they were to die”.

Despite the increase in will-making we have seen over the last year, a large percentage of people are still potentially dying without leaving a will. This is despite the laws of intestacy often not providing sufficiently for our dependants.  A will also gives you the opportunity to protect your assets for your family or to leave tailored gifts to certain individuals and charities.  The reasons respondents gave in the Law Society survey for not making a will included: not having anything of value to leave their loved ones (24%), not finding time to make a will (20%), and being too young to make a will (18%).  It is of course possible to sympathise with some of these reasons, although in our experience even people with modest estates can save a lot of difficulties for their loved ones by making clear their intentions via a will, and the time invested in putting your affairs in order, however young or old you are, is really just one way of showing your loved ones that you care for their interests. 

We accept that if people regard will-making as a chore then it is something they might want to put off. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as many of our clients, we hope, would testify: by involving an experienced solicitor, such as one of the team at Alderson Law, the process can be made much easier and can help give you clarity and peace of mind about the way you intend to leave your affairs.

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