Mark Hipkin receives his Second Dan in Tang Soo Do

Personal Injury Partner, Mark Hipkin, was delighted to receive his Tang Soo Do Second Dan Grade from 82 year old Korean Grand Master, Kang Uk Lee, at a recent ceremony in Halifax.

Mark explains “Tang Soo Do is a Korean karate style that involves some tai chi.  It is a mixture of Chinese, Korean and Okinawan styles.  It is literally ‘The Way of the Chinese Hand’.  My First Dan black belt was in December 2014. “ In Tang Soo Do, the traditional black belt is actually a midnight blue colour – signifying the continuing learning process and is not an end in itself, which black can represent.

When not practising martial arts, Mark loves to ride his motorbike.  He specialises in serious/complex personal injury claims following motorbike, scooter and cycling accidents.  You can contact Mark directly on 0191 2533509 or by e-mail at

Instructor Chris Smith, Grand Master Kang Uk Lee & Alderson Law Partner Mark Hipkin.