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Debt Recovery Pricing

Debt Recovery Pricing

Who will be handling my Case?

Graham Shannon, a Solicitor and Partner in the Firm. Graham is a graduate of the University of Essex and completed his Professional Training in the North East where he has remained since.

Graham has been practicing in the area of Civil Litigation since qualifying as a Solicitor in 1989

Over that time he has advised private and corporate clients in Debt recovery work involving small claims and substantial claims currently allocated to the multitrack of the County Court, as well as Claims in the High Court. He has a thorough understanding of the Civil Procedure Rules and protocols and of the Enforcement options available to Debtors.

For most Cases Graham will represent you at Court. For complex cases where liability for the debt is disputed and involving complex issue of law or forensic accounting, we may recommend that you instruct a Specialist Barrister and we will discuss the payment of Barristers Fees with you and agree a reasonable fee before instructing them.

Tracey Murray, a Solicitor and Partner in the Firm. Tracey is a Graduate of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Tracey has been practising in the area of Civil Litigation with a specialism in Debt Recovery since qualifying as a Solicitor in 1997.

Throughout her career, Tracey has advised both individual and commercial clients on all aspects of debt recovery work. This includes small claims through to high value and contested matters with multiple defendants. Tracey has a well established and varied client base. She is able to advise clients on the debt recovery process from start to finish providing sound advice and judgment on the prospects of successful recovery, cost effectiveness and the range of options available through to enforcement depending on each clients circumstances.

Fixed Fee Work

We may offer to carry out the work associated with obtaining a Court Judgement for a fixed fee .In all other case out charges will be based on our hourly rate charges set out below. Where we agree a fixed fee it will be charged as follows

Debt value up to £5000 fee £600 plus vat

Debt Value £5001 to £10000 fee £800 plus vat

Debt Value £10001 to £50000 fee amounts to 5% of value of claim

Payment of our fixed fee is not contingent upon you recovering your damages award from the judgement debtor and will be payable whether or not you receive the judgment sum.

Hourly Rate Work

Graham’s and Tracey’s current hourly charging rate or ‘fee’ is £220 per hour. Our Charging rates are reviewed annually on 1st April. We charge or ‘bill you’ for the cost of our time

VAT will be added to our charges.


This is the word we use to refer to payments which are made to others in your case. They include for example any Court Fees, fees payable to expert or other witnesses, travelling expenses and Barristers fees. We will tell you what disbursements will be payable before they are paid and agree these with you in every case. We will require you to pay us for Court fees in advance of them being paid

Key Stages in Debt Recovery Cases

The following are the usual stages in claims involving typical cases. No two cases are the same however .Cases differs in complexity. Some are straightforward involving few issues or little application of the Law but others may involve consideration of a lot of case law or research. Some cases may involve little documentation or involve few witnesses; others may involve substantial documentation and multiple witnesses. These are all factors which will necessarily involve more time.

Work associated with the enforcement of Judgements is not included in the following

  1. Taking your instructions to advice on the strengths or weaknesses of your case and prospects of recovery
  2. Conducting searches and Preparation of Letter of Claim pursuant to Pre Action Protocol (where applicable)
  3. Preparing your Court Claim form (County Court Claim form or High Court Writ) and supporting Particulars of the claim
  4. Considering Acknowledgment of Claim and advising you further
  5. Preparing request for default Judgment where appropriate
  6. Considering Defence with you and advising you further
  7. Preparing Request for Summary Judgement if appropriate and statements in support
  8. Considering Court Directions Order and advising you further


  1. Attending Court Directions appointment and preparing for the Hearing
  2. Preparing Lists of Documents to be considered and witness statements to be used
  3. Considering and advising on opponents witness statements and documents
  4. Attending Pre Hearing Appointment at Court
  5. Preparing Bundle of Documents to be considered at Hearing
  6. Preparing Submission or Skeleton Arguments for Tribunal 1-4 hours work
  7. Agreeing Statement of Issues and list of Cases to be considered by Tribunal
  8. Representation at Hearing (By Solicitor)
  9. Negotiations throughout the process between 1 and 14 above
  10. Instructing a Barrister for Interim Hearings if necessary
  11. Instructing a Barrister for final hearing if necessary

How Long Will my Case take?

Much depends on how the debtor responds to your claim. If payment follows in response to the letter of claim this may be a week or two, however if Court proceedings are required and become protracted the case could take several months. Most claims result in a Judgment in between 4 weeks 16 weeks

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